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Coaching Programme for CAT
The Common Admission Test (CAT) is the entrance exam for more than 160 management institutes across India, including the 13 IIMs. The written exam is conducted every year in the month of around October-November over a test window of approx. 4 weeks. 
CAT focuses intensively on general aptitude (English, Math, Data Interpretation and Logical Ability) which are key areas tested in most competitive exams such as Bank PO, Campus placements. Even Civil services, GATE etc have some weightage to GA. What makes CAT special is the quality of opportunities it opens for you and therefore the nature of competition. The exam is quite rightly seen by many as the mother of all competitive exams. However, this also means that your preparation for CAT will prepare you for a good part of a lot of other exams as well. 
CAT is undoubtedly the most sought after entrance exam. However, there are several other exams besides CAT that a student can and must write. We collectively call them as OMETs (Other Management Entrance Tests). These would include XAT, SNAP, CMAT, MAT and Institute specific exams viz NMAT, TISSNET, IRMA, and IIFT. 
The concepts tested in OMETs would essentially remain the same as CAT besides GK/Current affairs asked in a few tests. Your preparation for CAT will adequately prepare you for any of these exams as well. We at N.D.C.A. believe in thoroughness of preparation and provide adequate study material and support for each of these exams over and above CAT preparation to each student. 
Let’s look at the test pattern of CAT and other national level MBA entrance tests.
 Programmes for CAT Preparation 

  1. N.D.C.A.'s classroom Course 
    1. Super Long Term: Prep duration more than 12 months
    1. Long Term: Prep duration between 3 and 12 months
    1. Crash Course: Prep duration less than 3 months.
  1. Test series
    1. AIMCAT Basic: Comprising 10 All India Mocks for CAT and over 50 sectional/full-length mocks
    1. AIMCAT Enhanced: Comprising 20 All India Mocks for CAT and over 150 sectional/full-length mocks
  1. GDPI module: Extensive practice sessions, including mock Interviews and a series of GK lectures for the students shortlisted for the GDPI round of B-school selection. Thorough feedback is provided by professional and trained faculty members to help you optimize on your prospects.
  1. Correspondence programme: Ideally suited for you if you can not avail the regular classroom programme. Offers extensive course material with inputs on how to prepare, doubt clearing, AIMCATs etc.

What makes N.D.C.A. the national leaders in MBA Entrance training: 

  1. Content Delivery 
    1. Faculty comprising of a large, experienced and dedicated team of doctorates, post-graduates and graduates from IITs, IIMs, XLRI and various other premier institutes in the country.
    1. Courseware ensuring comprehensive coverage of all basic concepts, solved examples, shortcuts and strategies to help you improve your performance. We pride ourselves in the fact that our material is always up-to-date with the latest pattern of CAT and be more than adequate in quantity. No other institute can match us in giving such focused and well-structured course material.
    1. Doubt Clearing Sessions: Students are able to clear their doubts in the class, thanks to a conscious decision to keep batch strengths low. In addition, students can discuss their performance and their preparation plan with faculty members on an individual basis through doubt-clearing sessions at our offices.
  1. AIMCATs 

    All-India Mock CATs (AIMCATs): Our AIMCATs are acknowledged as the best and the closest to the actual CAT. Every year more than 170,00 unique test takers write our AIMCATs. And since the best students across the country are writing the tests, the level of competition propels you to put in your best effort into your preparation. 

    The AIMCAT module (Advanced) comprises 10 AIMCATs - conducted on an all-India basis - replicating the format and the environment of the actual CAT. 

    1.10 Invigilated CBTs - at designated venues 
    2.09 Online CBTs – can be taken from anywhere
    3.01 Paper & Pencil Tests – conducted across centers
  1. GWPI Briefcase 
    1. Learning Corner - Links to the best articles on the website with a commentary and they are arranged into 4 folders - General Awareness, Politics, Economy and Miscellaneous Articles from "MBA Education & Careers"
    1. Important GK issues - helps you to understand the whole issue in an easy manner
    1. Questions on academic subjects, asked in the past interviews
    1. GD/Essay/PI experiences from previous year students – feedback on the selection process at various B-schools
    1. GD/Essay/PI experiences of current year students – students can post their GD/Essay/PI experiences – in an easy-to-fill document format
  1. Online Content 
    1. Regular CHAT SESSIONS with subject matter experts conducted over a 90 min window around 10 times a month on a range of topics such as B-School selection, Last Minute Tips for various exams, SOP Guidance, Form Filling etc.
    1. TOOLS for SOP GUIDANCE and B-SCHOOL SELECTION GUIDANCE: You can email your SOP to us and we will make necessary changes and send it back. Similarly, you can send the name of the B-schools that your are considering applying to along with certain basic details and we will revert to you with a list of B-schools that you should consider applying to. You can also log on to our website and get your queries solved on form filling of management institutes.
  1. Other Support 
    1. Seminars on topics/issues that are critical to a student's selection into a top management institute such as Test-taking Strategies, Institute Selection, Economics Basics and HOW TO CRACK CAT.
    1. "MBA Education and Careers": a monthly magazine which has information on CAT preparation, selection of management institutes, G.K., current affairs, economic terms, etc. Indispensable for preparation of OMETs & contains plenty of articles by IIM Alumni.

Our Training Methodology 

  1. Concepts training: Helps you develop basic knowledge and skill levels for various areas that are tested in CAT and other management entrance tests. The fundamental concepts are taught in great detail using ample handouts and test papers. Special assistance is given to non-mathematics students to help them improve their quantitative skills.
  1. Section-wise Testing: This module helps you achieve thoroughness in individual test areas and is delivered in an online practice test format. It comprises of around 150 sectional tests across Verbal, Logic Reasoning, DI, and Quantitative areas. A certain number of tests are uploaded every month with the suggestion that you complete these tests as soon as they are uploaded. The tests are classified into the following: 

    1.Foundation Tests 
    2.Intermediate Tests 
    3.Advanced Tests 
  1. Comprehensive Testing: Here you are tested and evaluated with a large number of test papers modeled along the lines of recent CAT papers. This would help you identify your strengths and areas of improvement for your CAT test. 

    1.Mock CATS (MCs - 10 nos.)
    2.CAT REPLICA TESTS (CRTs – 10 nos.) 
    3.All India Mock CATs (AIMCATs – 20 nos.)
  1. Training for Other Exams: Our CAT Course also prepares you for various other management entrance tests like XAT, SNAP, IIFT, ATMA, MAT conducted by various B-schools across the country. Institute specific classes and about 20 tests (OMETs - Other Management Entrance Tests) prepare you completely to excel in these exams as well.

Essay, GD & Interview Training: This is provided in two modules, to help you prepare for the final stage in the selection process. 
1.Module I: Foundation and practice sessions with individual and group feedback. 
2.Module II: Extensive practice sessions, including mock Interviews and a series of GK lectures for the students shortlisted for the GDPI round of B-school selection. Thorough feedback is provided by professional and trained faculty members to help you optimize on your prospects.